1. What is The Eleva process?

Stage 1 - Call and scouting

This is the Eleva’s hunting process where the entrepreneurs that will take part in the program are seek, found and contacted.

Scouting is carried out in those countries where business development is aligned to the food sector, mainly in México and Latin America

Once the potential entrepreneurs are found through digital or face-to-face scouting they are linked with the company to move on to the next phase of the program.

  • Call Dates

    • Start of the call: February 15th

    • Closing of the call: April 16th

  • Dates of Face-to-face scouting

    • March 5th, 6th and 7th - Medellin Colombia


      March 8th and 9th - Lima, Peru


    • March 12th, 13th and 14th - Santiago de Chile

    • March 15th and 16th - Buenos Aires, Argentina

    • March 18th, 19th and 20th - Sao Paulo, Brazil


Stage 2 - Preselection

During the program, the 16 pre-selected entrepreneurs receive advice from renowned industry mentors and special guests through a crowdthinking exercise and a lean entrepreneurship methodology. This stage ends with the pitch to the Bimbo innovation committee in which the best projects are chosen to enter the Acceleration Program.

  • Date of selection day: April 25rd, at Grupo Bimbo's Corporate Office in Mexico City.

Stage 3 - Acceleration

It is the process in which for 8 weeks the structured development of the startups/scaleups previously selected by the Bimbo innovation committee is potentiated, through internal and external Networking events with a methodology designed by BlueBox where they receive mentoring, training and improvement of your product or service.

  • Dates of the acceleration program:

    • Start of the program: May 2nd

    • Closure of the program: August 31st




Stage 4 - DemoDay

Finally, the entrepreneurs make their pitch in presence of the Bimbo directors, where a possible investment, commercial alliance or procurement contract can take place.

  • Date of the demoday: September 3rd, at Grupo Bimbo's Corporate Office in Mexico City.

2. Who can apply?

Application requirements

  • All those entrepreneurs or agents of change, who have an innovative startup or scaleup.

  • Individuals over 18 years of age and duly constituted legal entities.


  • 2 years of creation or less

  • It must be legally constituted.

  • It must be in a market validation stage with a validated MVP.



  • Must have more than two years operating.

  • It must be legally constituted.

  • Must have a defined business model and a portfolio of established clients

  • Both startups and scaleups must have the operational and financial capability to provide and develop, in conjunction with Bimbo, a pilot test during the acceleration program and must residence in Mexico full time during the program.

  • Terms and conditions must be signed by the participants

3. What Eleva is looking for?

  • Ingredients: Inputs and new formulas that improve the quality of current products.

  • New products: Finished products with differentiating ingredients.

  • New packaging: Packaging developments that reduce the environmental impact and help maintain the quality of the product.

  • Optimization: Technologies that optimize resources in the supply chain and waste.

  • Automation and Operations: Technologies that help increase the efficiency of the factory.

  • Renewable energies: Sustainable technologies that can be implemented in the productive chain.

  • Payment methods and transactions: Payment control and sales increase

  • Retail trade: New commercialization business models

  • Sales: Business intelligence technologies that allow you to make better decisions.

4. What benefits i get if i apply?

  • Free Equity Program

  • Mentoring by Grupo Bimbo’s directors and managers

  • Access to the Company's Global infrastructure to perform pilots

  • Access to Demo Day with the possibility to get commercial alliances, supply relationships and investment opportunities

5. What variables are considered to apply in Eleva?

  • Identification of the problem or opportunity of your project

  • Value proposal

  • Market opportunity

  • Business model

  • Differentiation

  • Level of development

  • Team members

  • Attractive investment opportunities

6. What are the opportunities of networking and knowledge provided during the moths of acceleration?

  • During the 16 weeks of the Acceleration Program, you will meet more than 30 expert mentors in the food industry, investors, entrepreneurs, among others, with whom you can create a link that will generate growth for your company.

7. Terms and conditions

  • In case of being pre-selected you must attend in person to the selection event on April 23rd at the Grupo Bimbo Corporate in Mexico City.

  • Reside in Mexico City full-time during the program

  • Cover your living expenses in Mexico City during the program

  • Cover the costs of the pilot with the infrastructure that the startup already has, Grupo Bimbo will only cover extra costs that could generate the pilot to run the respective test

  • Sign in Bilateral NDA before April 23rd, bring it signed in the original version to the selection event if selected

  • Sign the acceleration program contract before April 27th and bring it signed in the original version on May 2nd

  • Provide the necessary documentation for Grupo Bimbo to verify the information of the company and prepare the NDA and the program contract, the following documents are considered:

  • Constitutive document of your company

  • Minutes of shareholder meetings held after the creation of the company

  • When appropriate, document where sufficient powers are granted to the person who signed the contract and ideally is the same that would go to the program

  • Applicants may not be participating in any other acceleration program or raising capital for third parties during the acceleration program process

  • The startups and scaleups that are selected cannot apply twice to the acceleration program.

  • Those who seek to participate in the program are willing to receive investment, create a business alliance or be corporate suppliers, without any of these being an obligation for both parties, but it is the intention of both parties to explore this path in the program.